Local Search Engine Marketing

There's a new gold rush - and the territory being staked out is the first page of local search engine results. You know, the first list you see (and probably the only thing you look at) when trying to find what you're looking for online.

Over 90% of leads generated online naturally flow to businesses on the first page. Are you being found when customers are searching for what you have to offer?

Across the country local companies are investing in local search engine marketing to get their businesses up front and as close to the top as possible. Statistically, if you're not on page one then your competitors are getting the lion's share of the business....

Business that you could be capturing  for yourself.

Web Page Optimization

Most people don't know how to go about doing web page optimization. Believe me, it's very important- and critical to your future plans for growth. Web page optimization increases the value of your online real estate as it raises the revenue generation prospects from your web presence.

It's the difference between prospects finding you when looking for what you have to offer or finding someone else.

It used to be size made a difference. Companies looking to establish credibility and grab the most phone calls bought the biggest ads in that old yellow book and hoped it got opened. Now the fight is on for...

The best search engine ranking optimization

Where you're seen is now more important than how big you are. The old strategy with those old yellow directories was to be the biggest ad the prospects would see.

Today, everyone is given the same space. It takes the skills of a search engine expert to get you in your best position.

The battle rages for the top spots on the most important web search page- the first one your prospects see after they typed in what their looking for. That's the critical moment when all your meta  tags, labels, descriptions and content join together to earn one of the top spots on that page.

And in an instant they'll  make them click through to your site.

The keywords and phrases prospects type into Google (or Bing or Yahoo) the most to find what we have to offer are exactly what the battle is all about.

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