The Marketing Magic of 7 Touches.

The average number of times it takes for your message to get noticed is seven. Use that statistic to reinforce the understanding that marketing is a strategy of momentum and flow. You build marketing assets with an ongoing program, not a one shot deal. Email me directly to learn more.

It's all in what you say, how you say it- and when it finally breaks through to your customer.

" We tried that...once."  Have you heard that around your company? Our prospects are bombarded with thousands of messages everyday and they are more focused on ignoring us than listening. But their antennae are up for message that may make their life better.

You can't do everything, but your website is your marketing hub. Find what works and stick with it.

Online web pages, sell sheets, direct response
letters, e-mail autoresponder campaigns, case studies and white papers, video scripts, brochures, articles and blogs, every communication with your prospects and customers-  they all depend upon the moving power of words to bring a customer around  to say yes. 

Lee has an uncanny ability to create moving copy. His natural inquisitive nature allows him to discover the root motivators of the end customer for the product and services and he moves them to buy. A. Remnet, The Strategic Marketing Group

Thank you for all the work you've done for me to date. Your dedication to your work and your clients is wonderful and very apparent in all you do. J. Broad, Rev N You

You are amazing!  Thank you so much!  I knew what I had before was OK, but also that somehow, something was missing and didn't know how or what to change. You captured my message along  with the energy that is Success Coaching!!  I have a new found excitement about my website and I'm proud to put it out there.
Thanks again! WOW!  P. Kilgannon, Success Coaching