Marketing is the lifeblood of your business.

The power of your messaging has never been more critical.

My name is Lee Schwarz. After years of building companies for others and then a manufacturing business of my own,

I have first hand knowledge of the challenges making your life uneasy and methods to help you meet them.

I've seen the amazing power that strong copy infuses into a properly written description of what a business does and the value customers can reap from buying from them.

Use me
as an extension of your team and together we will get your story told in a way that invigorates you and excites your customers.

Marketing is often confused with sales. There is a difference. Marketing attracts prospects like a magnet to your business. It unleashes a steady stream of leads and helps you turn them into orders.

My skills as a manufacturing and industrial marketer come from channeling the best of what I learned over the years as a buyer and a seller. Effective planning and execution that gets results is what I do. Call me a marketing rebel or an online marketing strategist,  title doesn't matter.

More than just persuasive copywriting.
From working for others and running my own company I developed a broad problem solving ability. My hands on education and formal degree in Management / Marketing Science help round out the package I put to use to make you more money. 

That is the potent value you can get only from me. I can help you re-energize what you are already doing or create new ways to achieve better results.

So what have I done?

My resume includes several small and medium businesses. The second company I started could have been an INC 500 manufacturer in its second year.

• Started a small business early on before I knew what I was doing that failed
• Helped grow or rebuild businesses from $5 million up to $25 million in sales.
• Started a business that broke $2 million by its second year
• Straddled the buying and selling sides in every business

The most important fact is that big or small, in between or start up, businesses have a common thread. The challenges are similar. The blunders are alike.

The difference is there is no one solution that fits all. That's why the work done for you is custom tailored to your market, your positioning, your needs.

Customers buy from people they like and trust

The first few seconds are crucial. The prospect needs to be drawn in to your message  so it gets past their filters. Whether in person, in print or on a computer screen, the prospect is looking for a reason to eliminate you. Simulate the feeling of them sitting across the table from you looking you in the eye and you begin to build comfort and trust. That's what it takes to turn reluctance to acceptance.

Let's get acquainted

Getting to know each other and telling me about the issues that keep you awake at night  is free. Together we can formulate a plan to make your company come across as  a person and convert more reluctance into higher acceptance.

Contact me or provide the info below and I will respond promptly.

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