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My experience tells me it's very likely there are hidden sources of cash and revenue in your business. You may not believe it. But I can help you find them…


I’m a problem solver. Using a 6 step process I help owners and professionals increase sales and reduce costs. 

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Some time ago, the frustrated president of a fabricated metals products company discovered just how profitable my system can be. He approached me anxious to nail down another $100,000 in profits that he just could not get to.


Ah, a chance to be a hero- don’t we all secretly hope to be one?


After some deliberation, I agreed to take on the project. Using my process for

uncovering new profits, I discovered a major proposal had been presented that

was totally out of sync with the customer’s needs. Surprisingly this is not uncommon.


I sat in as the potential customer was called, reviewed the details and just listened.

I was shocked to find that what had been proposed didn’t match what the customer wanted. Immediately I got to work with the design engineer, we found cost savings in

the design, came up with an alternate proposal and arranged a meeting. And while it wasn’t easy, they closed a $320,000 deal previously thought to be lost.


It was their largest deal ever. And it brought in an additional $102,000 in desperately needed profits in a down year.


Wouldn't you like to know how I helped them achieve

their best performance ever?

Or how I unlocked $420,000 annually in another company?


More importantly, are you wondering if I could do the same for you?


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